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5.2 Innovating cities with nature

In collaboration with DG RTD

4 June 2015 - 14:30-16:00  

This session recognises the role of cities as living labs and hubs for innovation, creativity and wealth creation based on the services nature offers to European citizens. It will build upon three different perspectives coming from the mayor of the European Green Capital 2015, a delegate from local authorities and a representative of the private sector on the innovation potential of green and blue infrastructures and further nature-based solutions for reshaping the built environment, creating new markets and attracting citizens' interest in greener and healthier cities. This session will also showcase innovative business models, financing instruments and governance arrangements needed to foster investments for the deployment of nature-based solutions at district and city level.


António Vicente, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Carlos Moedas, Research, Science and Innovation at European Commission

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol City, European Green Capital 2015

Lykke Leonardsen, Head of Climate Unit, City of Copenhagen

Martin Powell, Urban Development Head, Centre of Competences for Cities, SIEMENS


Anya Sitaram, Moderators Europe

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